Anonymous : I'm in love with a guy for several years who I used to be best friends with, but now don't even talk to.


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exit stories (for a friend)

I am sitting in the passenger seat of your car and it is getting closer to the middle of the night. I am remembering the first times I sat in boys cars while they were driving—back when they were much more afraid and much more inclined to shirk back—but you are just driving, just talking to me, just telling me a story about the way your roommate is too much of a side seat driver and how I am a much better passenger than that boy is on long nights.

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Parallel Universe: Why I Pretend I Don’t Like You Like That


I’m pretending that I don’t like you like that, and I bet you don’t even know. Why would you? I’ve put a lot of effort into this charade, and I’m pulling it off with such ease I’ve almost even convinced myself that I don’t like you like that.

So listen, instead of telling you I like you like that, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to tell you about some other guy I think is hot. Maybe I want you to get jealous, but mostly I just want you to get the impression that I don’t like you like that. Maybe you just see right through me and my façade isn’t as perfectly curated for emotion as I thought it was. But I’m going to keep pretending I don’t like you like that (maybe forever) because I’m terrified that you don’t like me like that in return.

What you don’t know is that sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I’m thinking about you. I’ll smile about something you said and concoct scenarios in which you’re madly in love with me. What you don’t know is that when other guys, great guys, make passes at me I reject them because I know it’s unfair to give them my kisses when really it’s you I’m picturing kissing me back. What you don’t know is that every time my phone lights up with a text from you, I feel as giddy as a school girl and I tell all my friends, even if it’s as simple a text as, “How you doing?”

And you’re never going to know any of this because I can’t stand the thought of you rejecting me. I would prefer to watch you hand in hand with a thousand girls that aren’t me than to hear that we will never be together. I’m going to keep pretending that I don’t like you like that because as long as I am, I can pretend that maybe one day you will like me like that too. Because in this big city, sometimes I feel scared and alone, and while I’m pretending I don’t like you like that, I know for certain that you will always be there for me when I need you, andI’m scared that if you knew how I really felt, you wouldn’t be there for me at all.